BTW Summer Institute – Northern Virginia

transectWHO SHOULD APPLY: teachers of science, mathematics, language arts, social studies who teach grades 6-12 in a Virginia school, National Park Service and Maryland Park Service rangers and park volunteers. Teachers who have attended a previous institute are ineligible.

WHEN: Monday, July 16 – Thursday, July 19, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM; Friday, July 20, 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: During this four and half day institute, participants will learn BTW curricula and strategies to implement hands-on activities in the classroom, engage in field studies in national and state parks, and complete assignments and a project due at the end of the institute.

WHERE: On different days, we will be visiting: Wolf Trap National Park, Prince William Forest Park, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Great Falls National Park, and Rock Creek National Park.

EXPECTATIONS: Participating Virginia teachers must implement one BTW module with their class by November 30, 2012. This includes completing classroom lessons and bringing students to a participating national or state park for a field study. All participants must also complete a project, homework, and other assignments. Out-of-class independent work will total approximately 6-10 hours between the start of the institute and November 30, 2012.

STIPEND AND STIPEND REQUIREMENTS: $700 for teachers for full participation in the 4.5-day institute plus a follow-up field study with secondary school students in a participating national or state park before November 30, 2012 and full completion of the expectations listed above. Stipends will be issued in December 2012.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CREDIT: Participants who complete the full requirements for the following credits may be eligible to receive three (3) graduate credits from Catholic University at current university rates. Credit will be issued at end of the summer 2012 semester. To receive graduate credit, in addition to full participation in the institute, teachers will be required to submit assigned projects, homework, a program evaluation, and participate in 5 additional hours of workshops during the summer (find dates and info on workshops). Tuition must be paid to the university.Catholic University Registration Form. You need to submit this directly to Catholic University.

Maryland teachers may be eligible for MSDE credit. Virginia teachers may petition their county or school to accept the institute for VADE points.

Helpful information in completing the Catholic University registration form:

Semester: Summer 2012
Course Title: Bridging the Watershed Institute 2012
Course Number: EDUP 560
Tuition: $300.00

07/16/2012 - 07/20/2012
8:00 am - 4:30 pm


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