Prince George's County Map
Prince George's county Seal, Flag & Map ca. 1865
(map from Maryland State Archives)


  • Maryland colonists complain that, "their supply of provisions becoming exhausted, it was necessary for them, in order to keep from starvation, to eat the oysters taken from along their shores."


  • The Maryland colony establishes Prince George's County, named for Prince George of Denmark.
  • Citizens choose land near streams to provide a source of water for crops, but bad farming practices cause heavy sedimentation in streams. Native Piscataway Indians leave the area because they can no longer hunt and fish freely.


  • When Lawrence Washington, Virginia planter and owner of a Potomac River plantation called Green Mountain, is decorated for military valor by Admiral Vernon, he renames his plantation Mount Vernon.


  • The town of Bladensburg (named for the newly elected Maryland governor, Thomas Bladen) is established on the Anacostia River as a delivery point for supplies because heavy sedimentation has made the river unnavigable one half mile upstream, at the settlement of Beall Town.


  • Georgetown is founded on the Maryland shore of the Potomac River. The new port is named in honor of King George II.