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  • President Bush declares this year as the "Year of Clean Water."
  • The Chesapeake Bay Program sets nutrient reduction goals for the Potomac and other bay tributaries.


  • An oil pipeline ruptures and spills over 400,000 gallons of diesel fuel into Sugarland Run, a Northern Virginia tributary of the Potomac.
  • The American Rivers Association designates the Anacostia River as the fourth most endangered river in North America.


  • Total suspended solids in the Potomac River remain a problem, due to the increased development and higher runoff from impervious surfaces.
  • Application of lawn and crop fertilizers contributes to higher than acceptable levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the Potomac.


  • Maryland passes a Water Quality Improvement Act to address the problem of nutrient pollution. The Federal Clean Water Action Plan is initiated, emphasizing a watershed approach to restoring the nation's waters.
  • The Potomac River is selected as an American Heritage River.
  • Outbreaks of a fish disease traced to the Pfisteria microbe kill thousands of fish in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


  • The Commonwealth of Virginia plans to sue the State of Maryland over its right to draw drinking water from the Potomac River, which runs between the two states.
  • The cause of a large fish kill in Rock Creek in Washington, D.C. is traced to a storm drain near an exterminator's offices in a Maryland suburb.


  • The Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup has expanded to include the entire Potomac watershed with 5,450 volunteers participating at 296 sites in 2005.