Potomac Watershed Study Center

Walking the Talk:  Environmental Education in Action.

Imagine a building filled with excited students; a building that can teach without saying a word; a building that can inspire visitors to lower their individual impact on the planet and usher in an era marked by a harmonious balance between our built environment and the natural world.

The Alice Ferguson Foundation has set out to create just such a building. The Potomac Watershed Study Center embraces the most advanced environmental design and construction principles of our lifetime. This innovative Center greatly improves the Foundation’s ability to educate and inspire students and teachers who have been coming to the Farm for nearly six decades.

The new high-performance Net-POSITIVE Energy, Net-POSITIVE Water and Carbon Neutral buildings and outdoor spaces that make up the Center go far beyond what most people recognize as a “green building.” By fulfilling the requirements of the Living Building Challenge©, the Potomac Watershed Study Center will be among only a handful of such projects in the world—and the first of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic.