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The Alice Ferguson Foundation's mission is to connect people to the natural world, sustainable agricultural practices and the cultural heritage of their local watershed through education, stewardship and advocacy.

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From the Rolling Hills to the River Shoreline…

The Alice Ferguson Foundation shares the wonder and excitement of the farm, woodlands, wetlands, and waterways of the Potomac River watershed with thousands of students, teachers, and citizens every year.

Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center Field Study

Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center programs provide outdoor-based experiences for appreciation, awareness and lifelong stewardship of our natural environment for PreK - 8th grade students.

BTW Field Study at Rock Creek National Park

The Bridging the Watershed program provides personally meaningful, educational experiences that connect high school students to their place in the natural and cultural world.

Geese flying low over the Piscataway Creek

Through the Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative, AFF seeks to address the trash problem from a watershed-wide approach that will benefit the entire region.

Alice Ferguson
Cultural Heritage

The Alice Ferguson Foundation promotes the education and preservation of the history, culture, and arts related to Alice and Henry Ferguson by interpreting the art, cultural artifacts, archival and other related objects, landscapes, and structures of Hard Bargain Farm for the benefit of children, adults, regional residents, and visitors.