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Digging Deeper: The Role of Healthy Soil

in Maryland’s Agriculture, Water Quality, and Climate


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February 27, 2017


Extensive scientific research from around the world has emerged in the past few years showing the importance of soil health and how soil organic matter is related to the entire carbon cycle. We now understand that how we manage farms, ranches, natural wetlands and grasslands has significant benefit on production and profitability as well as keeping the carbon cycle in balance.

World renowned experts and leaders in Maryland share their experience and expertise:

  • The Hon. Joe Bartenfelder, Secretary, Maryland Agriculture Department
  • The Hon. Mark Belton, Secretary, Department of Natural Resources
  • The Hon. Ben Grumbles, Secretary, Maryland Environment Department
  • Dr. Terron Hillsman, Maryland State Conservationist, USDA
  • The Hon. Thomas M. Middleton, Senator, Maryland State Senate
  • Dr. Steven Apfelbaum, Chairman, Applied Ecological Services
  • Dr. Tim LaSalle, Co-founder, Co-director, Regenerative Agriculture Initiative at California State University, Chico
  • Dr. Kristine Nichols, Chief Scientist, The Rodale Institute



The Dirt On Maryland:  How healthy is Maryland’s soil currently? Learn about efforts being made to restore and improve it, as well as what opportunities lie ahead.

Soil Health: What Science is telling us about the health of our soil–around the world, around the nation, and in Maryland.

The Economic Impact of Soil Health: As the state’s #1 industry, agriculture’s economic value rests directly on the ability of our farmland to produce– today and into the future. Learn how soil vitality directly impacts this, and how to improve the economic return.

Soil and Climate: New data are telling us how soil plays a major role in climate, and how it might be the key to solving the biggest problem facing us.

Soil and Water Quality: Industrial runoff has polluted the Chesapeake and other vital Maryland waterways. Learn the role soil can have in reversing the damage.

Be Part of the Conversation

The symposium is funded by the Town Creek Foundation and produced by the Alice Ferguson Foundation and The Carbon Underground.

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