Join the Alice Ferguson Foundation Adopt-A-Stream Programs

Trash and litter is easily blown by wind and washed down storm drains into our waterways. Through our Adopt-A-Stream program volunteers will monitor their adopted stream and organize a community cleanup twice (or more!) a year to help us keep track of the litter in our watershed. The data collected by volunteers will be shared with local jurisdictions and will help support proven source reduction policies (bag fees, foam bans, etc.).

We currently have two Adopt-A-Stream programs.

Our program in the District of Columbia is funded by the District Department of Energy and the Environment.

Our program in Charles County, Maryland is funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust in partnership with the Charles County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program.


To participate in the Adopt-A-Stream programs, volunteers must agree to:

  1. Participate in one mandatory workshop (one opportunity in Fall and one opportunity in Spring)
  2. Collect required data on most prevalent types of trash along their stream corridor twice a year (recommended to do this in spring and in fall) and report the information according to instructions
  3. Organize and lead at least two trash cleanups at the time of data collection

If you don’t have a stream already in mind for adopting we are happy to assist. Just email us with any questions you may have in regards to these programs!

Washington DC Resources & Workshops:


Look for dates for our next workshops Fall 2021!


Charles County Resources & Workshop:

Check back later for our next Workshop Date!