Hard Bargain News: Newsletter of the Alice Ferguson Foundation
Vol. XXXIII, No. 5                                                                                                     October 2013
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Talk Trash at the 8th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit..
Lucky $7,000 Challenge!.
Education Corner
Autumn Evening Hayride and Campfire
Last Show at Hard Bargain Amphitheater.
Oktoberfest is Taking a Rest.
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The advent of the fall season brings many welcome sights and sounds to the Alice Ferguson Foundation each year. The happy and inquisitive voices of students as they experience our hands-on field studies.  The engaged faces of hundreds of activists who gather for our annual Trash Summit as together, we seek solutions to the pervasive problem of trash. The entranced audiences enjoying the final production of our Theater in the Woods series.


This year, the shutdown of the federal government is adding another dimension to this season as we juggle our commitment to excellent programs with the inability to conduct them in national parks.  And we are seeking ways to continue important trash prevention efforts in communities even as some of our key partners find themselves without 

resources due to lack of federal funding.  Yet despite the challenges, our excellent teams continue to deliver on our mission of connecting people to nature.


This is a time when we need YOU more than ever.  We need your help  to ensure continuity in these uncertain times. In that spirit, I hope you will join our Lucky $7,000 Challenge.  I hope you will join us at our annual Trash Summit on October 18th. And I hope that you will come and enjoy some of the many fun fall events at our Hard Bargain Farm Education Center. Thank you for your continued engagement and support!


Lori Arguelles 
Executive Director 
Alice Ferguson Foundation

Talk Trash at the 8th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit


Join us for the 8th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit on October 18th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law.  The Potomac Watershed Trash Summit is a gathering of key stakeholders to educate, have dialogue and plan and take action on strategies that lead to a Trash Free Potomac Watershed.


This year, Trash Summit  participants will have a chance to see on-the-ground solutions in the region through a choice of educational  field trips  that will highlight community work; devices that capture trash in streams; and several composting initiatives in the region. The afternoon conference portion will include three concurrent sessions on regulation of trash as a pollutant, community outreach, and ways to work with the court system to better enforce litter and illegal dumping laws. During the closing plenary session, we will hear from conservationist cartoonist Jim Toomey and recognize people, businesses, and organizations that have gone above and beyond to keep the Potomac trash-free by presenting them with Potomac Champion awards.


To find out more information or to register for the 8th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit, visit trashsummit.org.

 Lucky $7,000 Challenge!


AFF is issuing a challenge to its newsletter followers:

Raise $7,000 to support our programs before the end of 2013!


Now more than ever, we need your help to make sure that we can offer the highest quality environmental education programs to the greatest number of students across the region.


If you have never donated before, now is the time!


Click here to visit our donation page. 

Education Corner 
Meet Maya and Leandra
Meet two of our newest Naturalists  
Here are 10 things learned at Hard Bargain Farm
(as told by elementary school students this year).
  1. I learned that chickens are consumers and plants are producers.-- Milton
  2. I learned a lot about marshes and the Potomac River. -- Jaylen
  3. I learned that cows have four stomachs. -- Anon.
  4. I learned that when you open up a white walnut, the stuff inside dyes your finger. -- Kerrington
  5. I learned that if you lose a tennis ball and it goes through the sewer it ends up in the Potomac River. -- Brandon
  6. I learned how hay is made.-- Diamond
  7. I learned that the colors of chicken eggs can be blue, green, white, brown, and speckled.--Edgar
  8. I learned about water animals like crayfish, sunfish, tadpoles, and some toads, too. -- Ellie
  9. I learned that it takes some stuff longer to decompose than others. -- Alberto
  10. I learned that pigs will eat almost anything! --Terry

This learning is made possible by your support. Donate today.

Autumn Evening Hayride and Campfire at Hard Bargain Farm


Please join us on Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. to celebrate the fall.  Pumpkins and gourds.  Photo: Bill Townsend

  • Bring a friend and family
  • Enjoy a hayride to the river at 7:00 p.m.
  • Campfire at the log cabin
  • Hot cider, cookies, and s'mores 

Please RSVP by October 15 if you wish to attend by calling 301-292-5665 or emailing [email protected]


This event is free for members and $5 for non-members. 


Not a member yet? Become a member today and help support AFF's programs.


* If the government is still shut down on this date this event will not include the hayride because the park will remain closed.


Last Show at Hard Bargain Amphitheater

Currently the Hard Bargain Players are performing Evil Dead-The Musical by George Reinblatt, Fridays and Saturdays through October 19, 8 p.m. It's a spoof on horror shows and it is highly recommended to make reservations by emailing  [email protected]. Please make sure to include the date of performance and number of tickets you are reserving.


With this show the season of the performing arts including Concert in the Woods and Theater in the Woods is coming to an end. It was a great summer with exceptional musicians and actors showing their talents at the Hard Bargain Amphitheater. Thank you for your patronage!

Oktoberfest is Taking a Rest 
Oktoberfest Dancers Last year we hosted the 32nd annual Oktoberfest! Thank you to everyone who has made it such a success for so many years. Due to the exciting construction going on this fall, Oktoberfest will be on hiatus. Stay tuned for other fun fall events at the Farm! 
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