Native Plant Restoration Project

Native Plant Restoration ProjectIn partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools, the Alice Ferguson Foundation created a new module focused on Native Plant Restoration for grade 7 students and teachers, with a curriculum-based Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE). In this module, students learn about how they are connected to their watershed, the importance of native plants, and how humans can have negative and positive impacts on the environment. The students participate in a Bridging the Watershed field study in a national park to learn more about water quality and the many factors that affect it. Students then bring their knowledge to the outdoor classroom in their own schoolyard and make an assessment about environmental issues that they can fix. Students choose a project and what they will plant based on their research. They present this information, including a maintenance plan, to their administrator for approval. Students conduct soil testing to establish a baseline for future plantings or research. Students complete the planting themselves and participate in reflection about their work.