Talkin’ Trash: Make a Litter Difference

Talkin' TrashUnit Summary:
Students will participate in a comprehensive analysis of trash present in a National Park.During their field study, students will collect, sort, and weigh all trash they have collected as a group. They will compute the percentage of recyclables by weight and volume, and compare their findings with that of the rest of the class. Prior to the field study students will analyze trash generated by a typical household to make inferences about lifestyle and consumer choices, and how these choices have lasting impact on their watershed. After the field study students analyze and report their real-time data, reflect on their park experience, and assess their group’s performance. Finally students apply their knowledge and understanding to larger issues by exploring the feasibility of landfill mining, and examining the repercussions of their own consumer choices. Analysis of this issue will encourage students to engage in a service learning project such as instituting and monitoring recycling in their school or participating in a cleanup in a National Park or their own schoolyard.