Urban Pools

Urban PoolsA Curriculum module written for the National Mall and Memorial Parks.

An exploration of the Management of Abiotic, Biotic and Culutural Components of Urban Pools.


Attention teacher,

The Urban Pools module has changed due to issues utilizing the pools incorporated in the teacher guide book. The module used to consist of students walking to different pools and determining the water quality at each pool. To help minimize distractions and provide a more meaningful trip the module has changed to stay at one memorial.

The entire module will take place at the FDR memorial near the tidal basin. While there, students will compare the water chemistry of the variety of fountains. Students will have the opportunity to compare flowing and stagnant fountains. They will also compare this to the quality of either the Tidal Basin or Potomac River. We hope that you understand the need for the change and we are looking forward to your trip.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email, or call us at (301) 292 5665.