Manassas National Battlefield Park

Manassas National Battlefield ParkManassas National Battlefield park was established in 1940 to preserve the scene of two major Civil War battles. Located a few miles north of the prized railroad junction of Manassas, Virginia, the peaceful Virginia countryside bore witness to clashes between the armies of the North and South in 1861 and 1862.

These important battlegrounds and associated monuments are nestled in over 5000 acres of meadows, woodlands and streams.

Location: Manassas National Battlefield Park is located just north of Manassas Virginia. Sites include the Brownsville restoration site, Stone Bridge, and Young’s Branch.Manassas National Battlefield Park Map

  • Field Studies available: Watershed Watchdogs (all sites), Exotic Invaders (Brownsville restoration site and Young’s Branch), Don’t Get Sedimental (all sites), Water Canaries (all sites)
  • Habitats: Woodland Edge, Meadow, Lowland Forest, River/Stream Bank
  • Terrain: Brownsville restoration site includes an open field with grasses and flowering plants just off parking lot. Mowed trails lead back to stream. Short and easy hike from parking lot to field study sites – follow mowed trail. Shallow stream with low banks; easy access to water. Verge with tree and herbaceous vegetation present and undisturbed; canopy mostly intact. Stream bends present, 1-4 riffles in 10 meters, some snags. Moderate amount of aquatic vegetation. Some erosion; bare soil exposed on several bends. Some sediment deposition and bedrock exposed in some areas. Invasives present.
  • Stone Bridge is located 100 yards from the parking lot, directly across the historic stone bridge which was used as a route of advance and retreat during two Civil War Battles. The site is mostly flat with a slightly rocky stream bank.
  • Young’s Branch has a picnic area near site. No trail but is easily walked. Hip boots a plus/requirement for students not wishing to get wet. Ticks are a problem; wear appropriate clothing.
  • Facilities: Brownsville: large parking lot; ample room for busses. Two restrooms (one with handicapped access). Multiple picnic tables. No shelter; bus must remain in parking lot during field studies in case of inclement weather.
  • Stone Bridge: No restrooms nearby (nearest restrooms at visitor center)
  • Young’s Branch: Restrooms nearby, picnic area.
  • Additional Info: Ideal group size: 40. Young’s Branch meanders through the area and could accommodate large groups if enough cross-training rangers/educators are able to participate.


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