Interpretive Outlines

A Curriculum Module Written for Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
The physical and historical geography of the Harpers Ferry area demonstrates how landscapes shape human history, and how human endeavors profoundly affect natural landscapes – a powerful reminder that the actions of today determine the opportunities of tomorrow. “WaterPower” Ranger Guide

“A Story of WaterPower” HFNHP Interpretive Program
Ranger Guide to Field Study at HFNHP
Student Guide to Field Study at HFNHP

“Urban Pools” 
A Curriculum Module Written for the National Mall and Memorial Parks
An Exploration of the Management of the Abiotic, Biotic, and Cultural Components of Urban Pools Ranger Guide
Teacher Guide
Student Booklet
Student Worksheets
Field Study Guide
“Herring Highway” 
A Curriculum Module Written for Rock Creek National Park
Rock Creeks’ fish inhabitants and human beings have been interdependent for thousands of years. Today, the survival of the fish is dependent upon human behavior more so than ever. Environments altered by humans can be altered again to accommodate wildlife. Ranger Guide
Key to Common Fish in Rock Creek
Fish Identification: Common Fish Species in Rock Creek
Data Collection Instructions
Foldable Map
Teacher Guide
Student Field Study Guide