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5 easy steps to scheduling a field study:

  1. Check Calendar
  2. Check Restriction Guide for Parks
  3. Check Park Locations
  4. Read the Bus Guidelines and fill out the Reimbursement Form
  5. Find the Address of Your Park

The Bridging the Watershed (BTW) program provides a wonderful opportunity to teach science in context and provide students with a meaningful watershed field experience. The key experience in the BTW program is students’ visiting national parks in their area and collecting authentic data on topics such as water quality, runoff and sediment in the water, alien invasive plant species, and trash in the environment.

Those teachers who have successfully completed the summer teacher/ranger institute or a workshop in one or more of the Bridging the Watershed curriculum modules are eligible to request a field study. If you have not had any training in teaching the BTW curricula, please check for upcoming Training Opportunities.

To ensure you make the best park choice use our map of participating parks to view park information and field study details. Some parks have additional restrictions on what modules can be done and at what time of year. Download the Field Study Restriction Guide spreadsheet to see the complete list. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please give us a call at 301-292-5665.

Note: Though every attempt is made to honor field study preferences, park and date availability depend on the parks’ schedules. Site assignments are also ultimately the decision of the individual parks.