Cultural Heritage

The Alice Ferguson Foundation promotes the education and preservation of the history, culture, and arts related to Alice and Henry Ferguson by interpreting the art, cultural artifacts, archival and other related objects, landscapes, and structures of Hard Bargain Farm for the benefit of children, adults, regional residents, and visitors.

Lynn Hollyfield, Steve Wolf and Mac WalterPerforming Arts: Concerts and Theater productions by the Hard Bargain Players continue the love of music and acting enjoyed by Alice and her friends in the outdoor Amphitheater at HBF.

"Garden Party" by Alice FergusonThe Arts Henry and Alice loved are continued today in the collections of paintings and sculptures by Alice and fellow artists, and live plays and concerts in the Amphitheater.
Gallery of Alice’s Art

Garden view of farmhouseFergie’s Gardeners, a member of the National Garden Clubs, is devoted to the restoration and preservation of the Country Era garden created by Alice.

Fergie's Farm TruckThe History of Hard Bargain Farm is preserved in the house, gardens, outbuildings and collections owned by Henry and Alice.

Hank XanderThis short video is a tribute to Hank Xander, whose 40+ years as HBF farm manager was preceded by his father’s long tenure in that position for the Fergusons.

Farm Sign with Berkshire pigsThe Farm Alice managed is working today, much as it was in the 1930s and ‘40s.