Environmental Action

The Alice Ferguson Foundation works to connect people to nature so that they are inspired to take actions that sustain our world.


The Trash Free Schools Project works to educate and empower students, faculty, and staff to reduce their school’s waste footprint by providing resources including a Guidebook, interactive website, and diverse networks. Resources found here will aid schools in rethinking, reducing, reusing, recycling, as well provide education on these topics.
The PRWC bagTrash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative seeks to create a lasting reduction of litter and waste in the Potomac Watershed through public education, enforcement, market incentives and strong policy and regulatory efforts. The Initiative challenges regional leaders to work collaboratively, brings together key stakeholders to research and explore alternative and cost-effective solutions that have long term impact, and improves general education and awareness in order to shift individual behaviors.

BTW Trash Cleanup, March 2011The choices we make every day affect our local waterways. There are many ways you can take action daily to conserve water and protect the Potomac River Watershed. In the Student Action section, students can learn how to reduce their impact and learn about actions that other students are taking.