A Beginner’s Guide: Eggs & Chicken Care Egg-sploration

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Cage-free? Vegetarian fed? Pastured? Humanely Raised? Organic? Natural? Free Range? Brown vs White or even Blue? Grade AA vs A or B?

What does it all mean to my family?

Almost everyone has enjoyed a product from a chicken (either eggs or meat) within the past 24 hours. Perhaps it was an ingredient in that breakfast waffle, a slice of birthday cake, or in a bowl of soup.

The Workshop:

This “egg-citing” program is a family friendly class about the importance of eggs…in nature, for reproduction, and human nutrition.

  • Participants learn about oviparous creatures (chickens aren’t the only ones!) and meet live heritage breed chickens.
  • Younger students will get the chance to “hatch” a plastic egg with a small toy chick inside by counting together up to 21 days incubation.
  • Discussion will also include proper care (brooding) of newly hatched chicks for those interested in starting a backyard “hobby flock.”

Students, upon request, may purchase fertilized eggs and instruction for their own incubation / embryology project. If unable or not interested in keeping the poultry, all chicks hatched by students may be raised up at a local farm and exhibited the following September at the Charles County fair so families can visit “their chickens” all grown up with a blue ribbon hanging on the cage.

This is one of the most memorable and life-changing programs offered by our education team.

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Alice Ferguson Foundation Cafritz Center


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