Farm Feature: Exclusive Interview with Annie The Dairy Cow

Have you heard the big news? One of our beloved team members, dairy cow Annie, is retiring this July. One of our educators sat down with her yesterday to get an exclusive.

Question: What are you looking forward to doing with your free time?

Annie: Catching up on Game of Barns (no spoilers please!) and continuing to hang out with my friends. And, of course, making cheesy jokes to make the chickens chuckle.

Question: What have you enjoyed most about being a part of the program at the farm?

Annie: One of my favorite things about being a dairy cow is just how awestruck kids are to see where milk comes from. It’s pretty huge to be a part of that experience.

Question: You shared the field with two goats, one donkey and two sheep. That’s a lot of personalities! Any gossip to share?

Annie: I have to say, I don’t have any beef with them. We’re all good friends!

Question: Did you learn any important lessons during the last 12 years?

Annie: Oh gosh. I’ve learned so much – from my hoofed friends, from the team, and from the kids themselves! But if I had to pick, I’d say goats Dash and Dot have always moooved me with their dedication. When they want something, even if it seems out of reach, they’ll still go for it. And often it works! So yeah, I’d say the lesson is to keep reaching!

Question: What’s going to happen to your position? Is the dairy cow program going away now that you’re retiring?

Annie: Absolutely not! The program’s here to stay. Dairy Cow Opal is joining the farm team this July and will take over for me. Opal is hoofing it from all the way in Michigan! If anyone wants to help with her trip, you can donate here.

Question: Are you planning anything special for Opal’s arrival?

Annie: Yes! I’m organizing a surprise party to welcome Opal to the farm. If you want to stop by to say “hay,” you can donate here to join the invite list.

Join us for a special celebration to welcome Opal and wish Annie a very happy retirement.


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