Fergie’s Gardeners Visit Flower Farm

By Marylee Phelps

Scarborough Farm On August 14 Fergie’s Gardeners visited Scarborough Farm, a cut flower farm in Mechanicsville, Maryland. The seven acre farm is filled with a wonderful variety of flowers and ornamental plants. Even during the heat of this very dry summer, Trumpet Lilies, Lisianthus, Zinnias, Dahlias and Snow on the Mountain were lush and vibrant. Butterflies covered the Harlequin tree and the scent of fresh flowers filled the air.

Kathy York, the enthusiastic, vivacious and creative farmer led us on a tour of the garden, answered our questions and shared insight into the problems and successes of cut flower farming. Scarborough Farm specializes in providing flowers for weddings and special events. Buckets of flowers are also available through their subscription program. Kathy shared with us her creative arrangements which frequently included unusual ornamental plants such as cotton and hops. Buying local is not just about vegetables. Meeting Kathy reminds us that buying direct from a local flower farmer is a greener choice and leaves a lower carbon footprint compared to flowers shipped from South America. Kathy uses pesticides only when absolutely necessary and drip irrigation for efficient use of local water resources.

It was a wonderful adventure to see where all the flowers grow and to meet flower gardener, Kathy. For more information, see Kathy’s website www.scarboroughfarmsflowers.com



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