Foggy Creek or Big Lake Creek?

It's a great day at school when you go home with mud on your shoes!

At Accokeek Academy, the first graders explored the creek flowing in front of their school. No one knew the name of it, so the first group called it Foggy Creek, the second group called it Big Lake Creek. What great names!

Students had learned about states of matter, so we predicted that the creek would be a liquid and explained why. We were right!

Students had also learned about what happens when things dissolve in water. We looked at the water and decided it looked just like tap water. But who knows what might be dissolved in it? Best to stick to drinking our tap water instead of our creek water.

Finally, students completed an indoor lab to investigate what kinds of things would float or sink in water. By the creek, students selected natural objects from the environment to test in the creek for sinking and floating. One leaf started out floating and then sunk! How fascinating!

The best part? Getting down and actually touching the crisp, cool water. Priceless!

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