Action Project Resource Library

Welcome to the Action Project Teacher Resource Library. You will notice the resources are organized into four areas of study. These areas of study correspond with the Community Environmental Inventory in Lesson 2 of the DC 5th Grade MWEE Lesson Plan. These resources can be used to build students environmental science background knowledge in Lesson 3. Building background knowledge within a certain area of study will frame the overall project and encourage the students to focus on issues within a particular area of study in Lesson 4: Issue Definition.

When choosing an activity for Lesson 3, ask yourself the following questions: 

1. What area of study is most related to my classroom learning objectives?
2. What area of study do my students seem most excited about? 



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Action Project Resource Library
   Environmental Observation Guide - At Home
Lesson 1: Looking through the Lens of Environmentalism
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DC 5th Grade MWEE Lesson Plan
384 downloads Download 4.8 MB
Teaching Outdoors Tips and Tricks
289 downloads Download 1.1 MB
Useful Websites
314 downloads Download 45.5 KB
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School yard report card vocab examples
340 downloads Download 39 MB
Book List
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More Information For Teachers

8182939333_2418286fa5This section is designed to provide ideas and resource information to build meaningful and successful action projects. They can be used as a resource for teacher planning, or for student development of projects that are relevant to their community.


Teacher Advisory Group

NOAA awarded the Alice Ferguson Foundation a grant to create and pilot a Teacher Professional Development program.  The program includes developing a Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) to assist with developing curriculum and resources to support an overnight Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) program. In addition, the grant also includes selecting Pilot Teachers to provide feedback on implementation of the lessons, activities, and resources in their classrooms.
Below are links to additional information about the program and to apply.


Contact Emily Leedy at [email protected] with any questions.