Hard Bargain Farm Has Champions of Another Sort

By Karen Jensen Miles, Land Use/ Facilities Manager

Thanks to the efforts of Sam Lyon, Hard Bargain Farm has two Maryland State Champion trees on its grounds. Sam’s father was the MD State Forester for many years, and Sam was steeped in all things relating to his dad’s profession. So, when he saw several really large tree and shrub specimens here at the farm, he sent in the pertinent information to MD Department of Natural Resources Forest Service’s Big Tree Program.

In September, four representatives from the Big Tree Measurement Team came to the farm to officially measure them. The Team declared two tree specimens to be state winners – a pawpaw and an American hornbeam.

Official measurements:

American hornbeam, Carpinus caroliniana
Circumference: 4 feet, 2 inches
Height: 48 feet
Average Crown Width: 38 feet
Total Points: 108.0 points

Common Pawpaw, Asimina triloba
Circumference: 2 feet, 7 inches
Height: 48 feet
Average Crown Width: 22 feet
Total Points: 85.0 points

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service has been collecting data on the largest trees of each species growing in our state since 1925. The Big Tree Program recognizes these trees with the goal to honor tree owners as good stewards of trees and to educate citizens about the importance of trees in our lives.

The champion for each species is determined by the value of the total points. If a tree is designated a champion, it will be automatically considered for nomination in to the National Register of Big Trees, a program of the conservation organization American Forests.

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