HBF Outreach Program

The Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Climbing the Environmental Education Ladder program is a three-tiered approach to scaffold and cultivate sustainable environmental education within local schools.

Tier I: Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE)
Hands-on, place-based outdoor field studies are supplemented with classroom preparation and reflection activities (pre- and post-field study) for a complete Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) for Maryland and District of Columbia elementary school students. Get your students involved in a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience with Hard Bargain Farm.

Tier II: Summer Environmental Science Teacher Institutes
Summer Environmental Science Teacher Institutes provide one or two-week professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators using Alice Ferguson Foundation’s hands-on, inquiry-based, student-centered curriculum, correlated to state and local standards.

Tier III: Ongoing School Partnerships
School partnerships build on the work started in Tiers I and II to integrate environmental education in schools across grade levels and subject areas, resulting in the use of schoolyards as outdoor classrooms and student-led environmental action projects in our Schoolyards as Classrooms Project. Learn more about our Schoolyards as Classrooms Project Partner Schools.

For more information and how you can participate in Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center Outreach please contact [email protected] For information about upcoming training and funding opportunities, visit Environmental Education Outreach resources.