Your Field Trip

We are looking forward to your visit!We are excited that you will be joining us at Hard Bargain Farm! During your field trip, you are going to get to do and see lots of new things. Please come with an open mind, ready to get dirty and have lots of fun!

How to Get Ready

Your trip to Hard Bargain Farm will be a lot more fun if you plan ahead and prepare properly. Use the information here as a guide to preparing for your trip.

  1. Don’t forget your lunch!
    Pack a trash free lunchYou must bring a lunch for your trip (if you are staying overnight your school will provide all other food). Hard Bargain Farm does not have a cafeteria or vending machines.We challenge you to make a trash free lunch for your trip. Think about ways that you can pack your food that won’t create trash that has to be thrown away. Can you use a reusable or recyclable container? At the end of your stay, we will weigh your class’s trash and compare it to other schools to see how well you did.

    Check out Take Out the Trash for tips on how to pack trash free, to test your trash free packing skills in the Trash Free Lunch Game, and to see how other classes have done at packing trash free.

  2. Dress for the weatherBring the right kind of clothes!
    If it’s hot, we go outside! If it’s cold, we go outside! If it rains, we still go outside!
    It’s very important that you check the weather the night before your trip so you can pack the right kinds of clothes.
    If it’s cold be sure to bring a hat and gloves with your coat. If it’s hot be sure to wear light weight clothes, a hat and sunscreen. And if it rains be sure to bring a coat that is going to keep you dry. We want you to bring shoes or boots that can get wet, dirty or even muddy.

    Do not wear sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes. Please don’t wear shorts, skirts, dresses or Capri pants. Long pants will help keep you warm in winter and help keep ticks or mosquitos away in the summer.

  3. Be ready for bedtime!
    Our bunk beds are pretty comfortable, but they do not come with blankets. Be sure to bring along a sleeping bag or a warm blanket and your pillow. You’ll also want to bring a towel and washcloth as well as your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and hairbrush.  For a complete list of what to pack for your field trip, check out the Gear List (available in Spanish).


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