Introducing the Shepherd Parkway Call to Action

By Nathan Harrington, Chair of Committee to Restore Shepherd Parkway

Nathan Harrington is a cleanup leader who has devoted himself to cleaning up Shepherd Parkway, a large park 

 change behaviors, through our Regional Litter Prevention Campaign, and by working with local leaders and community members to raise awareness about the park and the resources it needs to southeast District of Columbia. Now he is taking his cleanup work a step further by partnering with the Alice Ferguson Foundation to raise awareness about the park and the resources it needs to thrive. 

After three years and quiet and diligent work, it’s time for the campaign to restore Shepherd Parkway to enter its next phase. It’s time for the “big ask.”
We’ve mobilized over a thousand volunteers and removed hundred of thousands of pounds of trash from the woods. Now it’s time to ask our leaders in government to do their part for the park.

Click here to read and sign the Call to Action. After you have signed, be sure to tweet it and post it to your Facebook wall.


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