Last School Group at Hard Bargain Farm

By Sharon Rabie

Friday, June 15, the last student group from DC visited Hard Bargain Farm for this school year. I was given a delightful reminder that I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! The students got off the bus terrified of everything that moved; I heard them discussing that they had never been to a farm or walked through a forest before. It was a sunny morning and we toured the barnyard, petting curious goats, meeting the pig, turkey, donkey, observed barn swallows feeding their babies, touched dairy cows, baby bunnies, and collecting eggs in the henhouse. In the Children’s Garden, the students tasted black raspberries, herbs, and wheat. They petted bumblebees, and enjoyed watching dozens of butterflies in the milkweed patch. The kids saw a shy deer with fawn as we planted a row of corn, and then they saw a groundhog, wild turkey, a huge northern water snake and a mature bald eagle flew past the haywagon ride so close they could almost reach out and touch it. What a perfect way to end the school year!

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