What Is a Living Building?

The Living Building Challenge™ is the most rigorous set of energy efficiency, green building standards in the world today and represents the next light year leap ahead of any other green building criteria in the world. Fully certified buildings must meet net zero energy, water, and carbon neutral requirements as well as being constructed of non-toxic components.

In keeping with the Foundation’s mission, these state-of-the-art green buildings will work in harmony with nature, allowing us to achieve the Challenge’s goals of:

  • Restoring a healthy local ecosystem
  • Sourcing all its water from rainfall
  • Harvesting all its energy from renewable sources
  • Choosing non-toxic materials
  • Supporting a just, equitable world
  • Maximizing physical and psychological health of guests
  • Celebrating beauty, inspiring transformative change through design

Living Buildings are designed to function like species in an ecosystem and mimic the beauty, resourcefulness, and efficiency of nature’s architecture. Living Buildings are designed to regenerate, not deplete, their surroundings.