AFF Education Team Tours Local Facilities

The education team toured the new Prince George’s County compost facility this morning. The goal of this facility is to make household composting facilities available to every home in the county, eventually having the ability to put out your compost bin along with your trash and recycling bins. The pilots have been successful, the compost staff are committed to making the program a success, along with Adam Ortiz, Director of the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment who joined us today.

The group continued their local tour of forward thinking facilities, and visited Bandalong Trash Traps in DC with Groundworks Executive Director, Dennis Chestnut. The traps are designed to float in waterways in order to capture litter before it flows further downstream by using the current to guide debris into the trap.

AFF’s education team enjoyed being on the receiving end of learning new information that they can, in turn, use to help formulate the conversation with students, teachers, and the general public who we touch in our many environmental programs.

PGC-Compost-Visit-web PGC-Compost-web

GroundWords trip

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