Premiere Soil Scientists, Maryland Policymakers, Discuss Impact of Soil Health on Agriculture, Water Quality, and Climate

Annapolis MD – The Alice Ferguson Foundation, in collaboration with The Carbon Underground, convened more than one hundred soil scientists, farmers, policymakers and nonprofit leaders for a one-day conference on the role of soil health in agriculture, the economy, water quality, and climate.

The presentations featured both local Maryland’s soil policies and practices, and national conversation on the impact of soil health on farm production, pollution, and climate.

“Soil health a topic of incredible importance on both the national stage, and right here in Maryland,” said Lori Arguelles, Alice Ferguson Foundation Executive Director. “With Maryland’s number one industry being agriculture, the state’s future is inextricably linked to the ability of our farmlands and soil to produce in a sustainable and regenerative way.”



The event included speakers from the Maryland State Senate, Maryland Department of Agriculture, The Department of Natural Resource, Maryland’s Department of the Environment, the USDA, The Rodale Institute, The Carbon Underground, and more.

Speakers discussed the science and practice behind new regenerative practices for managing soil healthy farms, ranches, natural wetlands and grasslands, and the impact of such techniques on production, profitability and the carbon cycle.

Presentations from the conference are available online and can be watched here.

Digging Deeper: The Role of Healthy Soil in Maryland’s Agriculture, Water Quality, and Climate was made possible with support from the Town Creek Foundation and the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

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