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  • Hard Bargain News: Newsletter of the Alice Ferguson Foundation
    Hard Bargain News is distributed every two months, and will keep you up to date on all of the Alice Ferguson Foundations programs, achievements, and upcoming events.
  • What’s Happening in Trash
    What’s Happening in Trash is the monthly newsletter of the Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative geared toward keeping you informed about the latest trash related workshops, events, cleanups, and calls to action.
  • Park It
    Bridging the Watershed’s park ranger newsletter, communicates to rangers in partnering parks relevant news, programmatic developments, natural resource information, and highlights of rangers or their parks. View Archives
  • By The Way
    Bridging the Watershed’s teacher newsletter, is an online resource highlighting teacher training opportunities, teacher-related news, grants, programs, classroom resources, and student action connections. View Archives. Stay up to date by following BTW Updates  or sign up to receive email updates.


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