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  1. Ryan Pleune says:

    WOW – What a model program!! You do wonderful work for the schools, teachers and students of Maryland.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by CH Green Schools and CHPSPO, Alice Ferguson. Alice Ferguson said: Like Monarch Butterflies? Read our new blog post on the Monarch Teacher Network! […]

  3. badmash says:

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  4. good post, added you to my RSS reader. Greetings from DC 🙂

  5. Ryan Pleune says:

    You rock Christa!!! – I’m passing on your blog and the Outreach overview to a woman at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary who is in my graduate program – You have shaped up a stunning and exemplary program

  6. Amanda says:

    Does the NSTA Convention happen every year? And do you go place to place every convention, or do you have it on the same place every year?

  7. Jann Cassady says:

    If there are opennings in this class I would be interested in attending.

  8. Omar Uddin says:

    Our team at UVision Consulting had a great time working with the AFF staff over 3-4 months to strategize, design, build and launch this new web presence for the Foundation!

  9. Linda Crocker Simmons says:

    Hi, Betsy, I really enjoyed your introductory entry for the Cultural Heritage program at Hard Bargain Farm of the Alice Ferguson Foundation. Yes, the committee is busy preserving, curating, researching and making this heritage known, truly a significant contribution to Maryland and regional history. I have just one suggestion for future blog entries — if it is technically possible — please always identify the creator or artist for illustrations. For that Christmas card showing Chimney House, the viewer could figure out the subject on their own, but they shouldn’t leave the website or blog without knowing it was drawn by Alice, one of the delightful silhouette images she drew for her stationery, cards, book and elsewhere. Her creative abilities were many and varied — let’s let the world know and see them.

  10. B. Rhino says:

    Oh, how truly wonderful. Everyone gives to the environment!

  11. B. Rhino says:

    Oh, how truly wonderful! Everyone gives to the environment!

  12. cooper cook says:

    Just being able to have a outdoor classroom is something awesome of itself. But I think that a rain garden would be pretty great, because being able to be outside and be outside while it’s raining. Makes it even better.

  13. Rabobank says:

    I am a cyclist who rides Hains Point….Checking on road conditions after the storm…

  14. […] the broader Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative. In 2005, after 16 years of hosting the annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup, AFF and its partners recognized that this type of effort, though helpful, was not going to solve […]

  15. Sara says:

    Wondering how much trash groups bring on their visits to the farm?
    View the data on the Trash Data section of the Take Out The Trash online activity:

    Can you find any groups that had zero trash?

  16. Everette says:

    This is a great resource. I would add that my personal techniques requires as little containers or reusable dishes as possible. Generally I layer my lunch where I put the heaviest items on the bottom. This way all lunch item can fit into on container. For example; today I brought chicken wings, fried potatoes, and vegetables. I packed the containers so that the chicken was on the bottom, followed by the potatoes, and then the vegetables. I also reduced “Trash” by ensuring I put all the necessary seasonings and condiments on my food during the packing process. This eliminates use of smaller condiment packaging and I am able to use the larger condiments from home. I also rethought utilizing a water bottle or container today, because I drank from the water fountain. The only trash items that I created or used was a napkin to wash my hands!

  17. Clara says:

    I’ve found that once I started making Trash Free Lunches they became easier and easier to pack. Now, even my guinea pig can do it! It is so important to instill these habits not only in ourselves but in our kids too. It’s such a simple, yet effective way to engage children in environmental stewardship. Plus, it teaches them to think critically about the amount of trash we produce on a daily basis.

  18. Anonymous says:

    where is the “Gear List”????!!!!!!

  19. Clara says:

    I can’t wait to see what these schools do with the Trash Free Schools Project! It sounds like they both have a lot of energy and passion when it comes to sustainability. I’m especially excited that Gale-Bailey has moved away from using polystyrene lunch trays. Polystyrene not only can’t be recycled by most facilities, but it takes forever to break down. Finding an earth-friendly solution is so important! Does anyone know what they have switched to?

  20. Linda Crocker Simmons says:

    This is great Libby! What a voyage of discovery lies ahead for all of us as we read and transcribe all those letters from Alice. I think your readers need to be told how difficult it is to decipher Alice’s handwriting! My hat is off to all the volunteers who are doing this important and valuable work.

  21. Rebecca Williams says:

    This is wonderful! More! More!

  22. Pegram says:

    Thanks, Libby.

  23. […] can choose to Become a Site Leader, Volunteer, or sign up to Sponsor the […]

  24. […] 2) The 25th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup, Saturday, April 6, 2013 9am – 12pm….  If April 6 does not work for you,The Alice Ferguson Foundation also provides the Trash Free […]

  25. […] year, more than 14,000 volunteers across five states hauled 262 tons of trash out of the Potomac River watershed during the annual Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup, Tom Smerling of […]

  26. […] every weekend to help clean up our waters.  In fact, the Alice Ferguson Foundation is holding the 25th Annual Potomac Watershed Clean Up on April 6, and have multiple programs and initiatives for a Trash Free Potomac.  Won’t you […]

  27. […] Volunteers from via Northern Virginia, a district and Maryland will hurl adult their sleeves Saturday to take partial in the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s 25th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup. […]

  28. […] Volunteers from via Northern Virginia, a district and Maryland will hurl adult their sleeves Saturday to take partial in the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s 25th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup. […]

  29. Clara says:

    Back in 2008, the Alice Ferguson Foundation did a study on what motivates people to litter and found that 92% of the 1,000 some people surveyed thought there was little to no chance they could get caught littering, and when litters were asked, they often said they littered in part because they could get away with it. Could this be evidence that increased enforcement efforts will help convince people not to litter? What do you think?

    • Janet says:

      I am sickened and saddened by how much debris and trash I am seeing everywhere…. on the highways (95, 495 and 270) on the exit / entrance ramps, on the sides of neighorhood roads…. everywhere. I have been spending my time walking my neighborhood filling large garbage bags with bottles and trash people are disposing of improperly. I am so disappointed in what the Metro DC area is becoming and wish more people would take part in cleaning up our neighborhoods. I don’t know what more I can do – I have called 311, DOT and written letters to our local representatives.

  30. Clara says:

    I still hear people talking about the Crying Indian ad on a pretty regular basis, but I didn’t know what it was until recently. I can’t wait to see what kinds of ads your contest produces. Hopefully it will be something equally impactful!

  31. Guest says:

    Thanks for the great blog post! I can’t wait for the Blue Rhino to be mended. AFF would not be the same without it!

  32. Clara says:

    Thanks for the great blog post! I’m so glad the Blue Rhino is getting the tender loving care it deserves. AFF would not be the same without it.

  33. Jacqueline Goodall says:

    As Mayor of the Town it is so exciting to me to see our young citizens engaged in helping the environment, especially Oxon Run which is one of the tributaries that has a direct link to the Chesapeake Bay. Just want to give a thumbs up to the teachers, students and the principal of Forest Heights Elementary School!!!!
    I don’t want to forget the Alice Ferguson Foundation for helping our town, schools and citizen’s work towards a Trash Free Forest Heights.

  34. Sara says:

    We did some cool experiments today, including one looking at how much oxygen submerged aquatic vegetation (SAVs) produce. Turns out that generally aquatic plants produce more than terrestrial plants. Fun day!

  35. Mac says:

    Are you holding Octoberfest on SUNDAY Oct 6 (as stated) or will it be on SATURDAY (as usual) Oct 5?

    • AliceFergusonFoundation says:

      This post is from last year. Due to construction this year, we will be unable to hold Oktoberfest. We are holding the Family Hayride and Campfire on October 19

  36. Clara says:

    Great Post! I’m so glad there are programs like this for youth in DC.

  37. Cary Coryell says:

    Awesome! I didn’t know Prince William had 15,000 acres of trees–incredible!

  38. Patty Karchner says:

    Awesome. They do have some excellent (“tight”) sycamores on that trail. Catch them in the afternoon sun and they’re just amazing.

  39. Molly Venezia says:

    I know this educator can enthuse anyone who walks and talks with her! She loves her trees!!!

  40. Melanie Choukas-Bradley says:

    There is hope for our natural world! Whenever Elizabeth Rives, the Tree Lady, shares her love and knowledge of trees and ecology with people young or old, it is an “aha” moment that lasts for as long as you’re in the field with her! Elizabeth opens eyes and changes lives.

  41. Sidney Bailey IV says:

    It was a pleasure and one of the greatest experiences of my career thus far! I know the Walker Mill Green Team will continue to do great things! Thank you to the foundation for providing a platform for our students!

    Mr. Bailey

    • K Bennaugh says:

      I really appreciate the chance to be a part of this movement. We have a little more than 100 students on the team, but our sentiments grow exponentially to the families and the community around us. The Alice Ferguson Foundation is the only company that came out to embrace us, in such a positive and encouraging way, when we were trying to develop our plan to change the world!!!!! Shout out to Mr. Bradford…………….

  42. Anjela says:

    What a great story, Brenda. I too recall the many wonderful memories made exploring the outdoors (and my own childhood visit to the farm 26 years ago!) I can’t tell you how much joy it brought me when my son (now a teen) spent a few days at the farm, just as I did! Keep up the great work guys!

  43. Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brenda. I couldn’t agree more. A few days ago as I was hiking up the hill with a group of youngsters, a dad said he grew up in Charles County and he only remembers 2 things from elementary school:
    #1 the day he came down with chicken pox (not a good memory)
    #2 visiting Hard Bargain Farm (good memory)
    Both events were a “big deal”.

  44. Sara says:

    It was a great conference and workshop indeed! Here’s a link to the summary of activities presented during the workshop, including the ones that we created and adapted as a group that day.

    These kinds of learning activities are a great way to get kids outside on the schoolyard during the winter. Anyone else have suggestion for a game/activity to share to get kids learning outside during the winter?

  45. Ashlea says:

    Keep up the amazing work & thank you for it!

  46. Clara says:

    I can’t wait! It’s looking like it is going to be a gorgeous day!

  47. Sarah Perez says:

    These types of activities are always welcome. The Forest Heights Elementary School literally did a valuable job. Throwing any garbage into the environment is polluting. It’s unhealthy for the environment and for all the creatures that live in it. We can only make us safe in this contaminated environment by taking this type of activities. For more info you may visit garbage collection southeast Idaho.

  48. Clara says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie! Thanks so much for bringing it to town.

  49. Edwin says:

    Where does the event takes place?

  50. Bob says:

    Congratulation on this milestone and keep up the great work!

  51. Bonnie Thiessans says:

    Yard clean up often requires putting your hands or arms into areas that you just don’t want to reach into… a prickly shrub, around dog poop or into a murky pond. Picking up rubbish from all around the yard is sometimes uncomfortable or even unsafe. The Grappler can help with all of these tasks making things safer, easier and even more fun!

  52. […] am a member of Peace* and the Cleanup Coordinator for The Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup. As a part of the Trash Initiative for the Foundation, we explore how trash makes an area unsafe, […]

  53. […] 27th Annual Potomac Watershed Clean-up, Various Locations, Apr 11 […]

  54. […] Sponsored by the Alice Ferguson Foundation, Oktoberfest at Hard Bargain Farm features authentic German cuisine provided by the Bratwurst King, Spaten beer, Bavarian Dancing […]

  55. […] Sponsored by the Alice Ferguson Foundation, Oktoberfest at Hard Bargain Farm features authentic German cuisine provided by the Bratwurst King, Spaten beer, Bavarian Dancing […]

  56. Jochen says:

    What would be the advantages over an Earthship[1]? I assume less space would be needed to build this ‘Living Building’. An Earthship on the other hand uses more thermal mass to stabilize the temperature and uses the sunlight primarily to heat the building and for the green house. What are the advantages of an composting toilet over a septic tank with an anaerobic process. Would be very nice, if you could elaborate on those differences. Thanks!


  57. […] just learned that Luria Park will be a site for the 28th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup, sponsored by the Alice Ferguson […]

  58. […] Join us and our partner, Potomac Conservancy at Jones Point Park on April 16th, as we do our part to clean up the river as part of the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Annual Potomac River Cleanup. […]

  59. Cedric Morano says:

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  60. […] 28th Annual Potomac Watershed Clean-up, Various Locations, Apr 2, 16 […]

  61. […] Potomac River Watershed CleanupApril 16, 9 a.m.-noonThe 28th annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup is the largest regional event of its kind, engaging leaders and citizens from communities on both sides of the river. Last year more than 24,000 volunteers at over 800 sites gathered over 1.2 million pounds of garbage. // Multiple locations throughout NoVA […]

  62. […] the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District, organized the clean-up as part of the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Potomac River Watershed Cleanup. He estimated the weight of the 33 bags of trash at nearly 500 pounds. An additional 160 pounds of […]

  63. Lonny Zimmerman says:

    How much are tickets to this event?

  64. Richard B says:

    Can you explain how this will affect the PG County styrofoam ban? I am particularly wondering because enforcement appears to be lackluster at best, but if this manages to make what little enforcement worst or harms Montgomery County’s enforcement of their ban that would be problematic.

  65. Alice Ferguson Foundation says:

    Richard – The proposed state-wide ban is based on the Prince George’s County ban, so the proposed regulations are very similar to the current county regulations. We are optimistic that a state-wide ban will increase both compliance with the law and affordability of alternative products. Thanks for your support!