PWSC Construction Journal Entry 3

By Karen Miles, Land Use/ Facilities Manager


August 2, 2013

PWSC Construction August 2013The last two weeks have been a flurry of more trenching, pipe laying,  third party and County inspections, and trench filling.  The lay of the land at the construction site is finally looking similar to what was there prior to site work and most excitedly,  all of the inspections passed muster.

The next piece of the puzzle was removal and storage of the topsoil in the footprint of the day-use building.  A crew is currently on-site surveying the correct spots for footings for the building.  Four men are hand-digging these footings and the first concrete should be poured within the next couple of days.  An item that has taken up many nighttime ‘thinking’ hours for our construction project manager is how to get the sleeves for all of the various underground lines (geothermal, water, fire protection, electric) under these footings so they can eventually meet up with the connecting ones in the building and on to the other planned buildings in the near future.  I can see how important it is to have someone on the job who can put all of these pieces together out in the field.

We had just shy of two inches of rain last evening, so the foundation footings are full of water and will have to be pumped out.  The importance of the sedimentation and erosion controls that were the first thing to be put in place is very evident and thankfully are working according to plan. To learn more about erosion and sedimentation, check out our BTW module ‘Don’t Get Sedimental’.


August 5, 2013

PWSC Construction August 2013-2It is now three days later.  The trenches were pumped and mucked out and more foundation trenches were dug in preparation for additional footing concrete pourings.  This process should last until the end of the week.  The construction office trailer was delivered this morning.  Now, our Facchina Project Manager, Matt Burwell, doesn’t have to conduct work in his truck cab!

Very shortly, we will actually see the building’s shape begin to rise from the ground – something that we have been waiting for several years. J

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