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Activities for Transfer of Science Knowledge

October 5th, 2012

Guest post by J. Ryan Thompson, Primary Science Teacher, Berry Elementary School

This is my first year working with Kindergarten students, and I am having a wonderful time with them. I encourage you to perform some simple activities with your children to reinforce the content and skills we are using in science class. Many of these suggestions can be part of your daily life. Using what is learned in school outside of the classroom helps students retain that knowledge. This is called transfer and can be beneficial in developing skills for use later in education and the workforce. Enjoy!

Activities for Transfer of Science Knowledge

  1. Go for a walk. Talk about the organisms, or living things, you see in the natural world around you. Do you see or notice evidence of any animals? What kinds of plants are around you? Discuss animal and plant parts and how they help the plant or animal live.
  2. Observe an ant colony in your backyard. Place pieces of food nearby and observe the ants’ behavior once the food is discovered.
  3. Look for spiders in and around your house. Discuss the appearance of the web. If you’re lucky, you might see a spider busy at work building a web or wrapping up prey.
  4. Encourage students with questions to look for information in books, videos and online sources. We have a wealth of information at our fingertips. Help children to choose reliable online sources (.edu, .gov) over sources that can be edited by anyone. Wikipedia is very useful, but pay attention to the sources provided at the end of an article to ensure validity.
  5. Visit a local waterway, such as a pond, creek or river. Discuss, observe and draw some of the animals and plants you see in these habitats.