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One of Our Partner Teachers Earns Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching

May 31st, 2011

One of our amazing partner teachers from Watkins Elementary School in DCPS, Lauren Tate, has been honored with this Presidential Award! She has attended our Teacher Institute and participates in our long-term partnership program as well. She gives us a shout-out in her bio for the award.

The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is awarded annually to outstanding K-12 science and mathematics teachers from across the country. The 85 winners are selected by a panel of distinguished scientists, mathematicians, and educators following an initial selection process done at the state level.

Winners of this Presidential honor receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation to be used at their discretion. They also receive an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., for an awards ceremony and several days of educational and celebratory events, including visits with members of Congress and the Administration.

Lauren Tate

Washington, DC – Science

Teaching is not only my profession, but my chosen vocation. I am a firm believer that fundamental concepts and skills are developed from infancy through the primary years. This award will recognize and support my continued efforts to supply my students with active, hands-on, student-centered inquiry, which is the core of good science education. I am also thrilled about the Presidential Award program events, which will expose me to even more innovative and effective teaching strategies.

Lauren Tate has enjoyed being an educator for 19 years. She teaches at the Capitol Hill Cluster School (CHCS), Watkins Elementary Campus. She has taught first and second grade and is presently thrilled to specialize in mathematics and science for second grade.

Lauren serves on the Executive Board of the CHCS Parent Teacher Association as a teacher representative. She was elected to serve on a Community Advisory Panel charged with identifying a new principal for her school.

Her commitment to educating all goes beyond her students. Every year, Lauren hosts a Parent Night to explain the curriculum. She teaches parents mathematics and science games to play with their children at home in order to help them understand that these subjects are a part of everyday life.

Last summer, Lauren attended the Alice Fergusen Foundation’s (AFF) Teacher Institute. She learned innovative activities to make outdoor science accessible to her students in an exciting way. Students will use the school’s Living Classroom in all content areas. She has continued her relationship with AFF on the Outdoor Classroom Committee, which helps teachers go beyond the four walls of their classroom.

Lauren has a B.S. in psychology with minors in education and chemistry from Howard University. She has early childhood certification.

For more on the ceremony, see the blog on NSF’s website.

I Have a Dream

January 14th, 2011

Environmental education is about so much more than just learning about nature. It is about empowering students (and adults) to make conscious decisions about their role in and impact on their environment. Last year, Watkins Elementary School 3rd graders marked storm drains in their community after learning about watersheds and runoff.

This year, those same students, now fourth graders recited Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial. They did a fantastic job! Now they are learning the skills needed to do public speaking, and they are gaining a better understanding of social justice, a concept that is intimately connected to environmental justice.

Check out the media coverage they got in the Washington Post and on the local public radio station. Their teachers should be so proud!!

Click here to hear WAMU’s coverage of the speech.