The Farm

Hard Bargain Farm is a working farm situated on 330-acres along the Potomac River opposite George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.  Nearly every habitat in Southern Maryland may be found at Hard Bargain.  Hard Bargain Farm is home to the Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center and the main office of the Alice Ferguson Foundation.

Ferguson's FarmhouseFacilities
Historic buildings include the Ferguson’s farmhouse; barns and other farm buildings; an overnight lodge; and an amphitheater for concerts and plays.

Farm Fresh EggsFarm Fresh Products 
Grass-fed Beef and Free Range Chickens and eggs are available from Hard Bargain Farm. Learn more about our farm fresh products available for sale.

Wareham LodgeLiving Building Challenge™
AFF’s educational complex is a prototype for the future and features buildings that work together like interdependent species in an ecosystem. In keeping with the Foundation’s mission, these high performance green buildings work in harmony with nature, making use of the sun and rain to achieve net zero energy, net zero water, and carbon-neutral facilities and will meet the rigorous requirements of the Living Building Challenge™. Completed so far are a day use education building, two sleeping cabins and an ADA accessible wetlands boardwalk. A lodge providing overnight accommodations for students will begin construction in 2016.

South coast of the Living ShorelineLiving Shoreline
2,800 feet of Potomac River shoreline were restored, creating two acres of spawning and nursery habitat for more than a dozen fish species, reducing shoreline erosion, improving water quality and providing protection for more than 30 acres of freshwater wetland and nearby threatened Native American archeological sites. Learn more about the Piscataway Park Living Shoreline Restoration