Regional Litter Prevention Campaign

Recognizing the importance of public education and awareness in creating behavior change, the Alice Ferguson Foundation created the Regional Litter Prevention Campaign to change littering behaviors of residents in the Potomac Watershed. The Campaign is designed to be implemented at the community grassroots level as well as the broad jurisdictional level in order to best reach the target audience of trashers, community leaders and members, local businesses, and media.

Creation of the Campaign

2008-2010 The Alice Ferguson Foundation conducted social research in order to develop a regional public outreach and education campaign to understand the root causes of littering and to change littering behaviors.

2010 Media and message consultants were hired to research, develop and implement campaign plans and materials based on the findings from the social research.

2011 The Campaign was piloted with grassroots outreach strategies in the community of Deanwood and through a broader jurisdictional approach in Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, The District of Columbia, and Prince George’s County.

2012 The Campaign expanded to the communities of Forest Heights and Oxon Run in Maryland.

2013 The grassroots Campaign effort was further expanded to include Capitol Heights South to Forest Heights in Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia Wards 5, 6, 7, and 8.

2015 The Alice Ferguson Foundation conducted further social research, with a focus on wards 5-8 in D.C. The study investigated litter-prevention strategies for millennials and Spanish-speaking audiences in the area.

2016 The Campaign efforts expanded to include all of the wards in the District of Columbia.

Litter Prevention Outreach Totals

Since 2016 we have handed out…

546 Posters
526 Yard Signs
27 Banners
1,283 Reusable Bags
35 Litter Cans
329 Water Bottles
74 Stickers