Trash Free Potomac Facility Program

RecycleCanThe Trash Free Potomac Facility Program (TFPF) is a natural extension of the Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative, giving workplaces ideas, incentives, and a structure within which to reduce their trash footprint on the Watershed.

Why is this important? When we throw something out it doesn’t simply disappear; trash consumes enormous amounts of resources and space. On top of this trash frequently becomes litter that moves from our streets into storm drains and out into the Potomac, the source of 80% of the region’s drinking water.

Be a part of the solution by joining the TFPF Program, a community of facilities working to reduce waste in the region. The TFPF Program helps you develop a responsible waste management program that can save you money, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve resources.

Who can join? Member facilities range in size and industry. We encourage all types of facilities to join this free program.

Membership Privileges:

  • Gain access to workshops that will teach you how to implement waste reduction and green purchasing strategies.
  • Our staff works with you to create a feasible plan and connects you with important tools to help you succeed.
  • Annual awards program to recognize top performers.
  • Access to additional resources at our online Resource Hub.

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