Photo Monitoring

Help the Trash Team track the litter in the watershed using your camera or camera-phone. Submit photos of an area (any size) within the Potomac Watershed that you monitor quarterly. We will compile your submissions and use them to show impairment of the Potomac River Watershed.


How to Participate:

  • We would like all volunteers to commit to quarterly monitoring of their hot spot site.
  • Choose one or more hot spot site and regularly monitoring that site.
  • Take close-up as well as panoramic photos showing the extent of litter at the location
  • Try to take photos before and after a storm to show how much litter is deposited by rain water.
  • If possible, capture the trash alongside or in the water.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • The date and time photographs were taken – this can be recorded on the photo with many digital cameras
  • The name of the water body and specific location where photos were taken – you can describe your location using an intersection or landmark If you have one, use a GPS device to record latitude and longitude or use Google Earth to locate the position where you took your photographs and record the latitude and longitude
  • The manufacturer, type and model of camera (include camera settings if you’re not using an automatic)
  • Use the Photo Monitoring Form to record your information
  • Please keep file sizes to less than 7 megabytes. If you have larger photos, please email [email protected] and we will find another option for you to submit your photos.
  • Email your photographs and information to [email protected]


We need your help throughout the year. Help us keep the Potomac Watershed Trash Free – send us your photographs today.