Policy Working Group

This committee focuses on identifying ways for regional leaders and agencies to better work together on legislative solutions:

  1. What areas need collaboration and among whom?
  2. Are there case studies or models of multi-jurisdictional collaboration to examine?
  3. What are existing successful legislative/management practices in the region that can be shared with others?
  4. What ‘new rules’ can be established to improve the trash issue?

In 2010, the Working Group produced the Potomac Watershed Trash Reduction Plan which outlined suggestions for policies and actions to focus on for litter reduction. This Plan will be used as a touchstone as AFF and our partners work with local leaders on policy solutions.

 View Potomac Watershed Trash Reduction Plan here.

Please review past Trash Summit notes and presentations for more information about litter policy

2012 Trash Summit Notes and Presentations

  • James Kraft, District 1, Baltimore City Council – Lessons learned from Baltimore City trash reduction policies including bag policies and polystyrene bans.
  • Roundtable Notes

2011 Trash Summit Notes and Presentations


2008 Trash Summit Notes and Presentations

  • Mayor Jim Newberry, Lexington, Kentucky – View Presentation
  • Brenda Platt, Waste to Wealth and Sustainable Plastics Program Director, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  • Roundtable Minutes


2007 Trash Summit Roundtable Notes and Presentations