Solid Waste Management

2012 Trash Summit Notes and Presentations

  • Kevin de Cuba, Caribbean Initiative Manager and Closed Looped Cycle Production in the Americas Program manager, Organization of American States, Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Section
    Rethink: Using cradle-to-cradle design to inspire trash-smart solutions.
  • Ruthie Mundell, Marketing and Outreach Director at Community Forklift, Building Materials Reuse Center
    Reuse: The importance of the reuse industry to the environment and to the communities they serve.
  • Luisa Robles, Recycling Coordinator, Department of Public Works, Greenbelt, MD
    Recycling: Capitalizing on lessons from Greenbelt’s 60% recycling rate.
  • Russell Klein, LEED AP, Program Coordinator, Community Environmental Education Specialist, D.C. Department of Public Works, Office of Recycling  
    Education: Educating people effectively about the 4 Rs and motivating them to change their behaviors.
  • Roundtable Notes

2011 Trash Summit Notes and Presentations

For years people have been asked to ‘pitch in’ correctly, but what do we do when the containers themselves are part of the issue? What is considered proper containing of waste and why are there so many problems with containerization? We began to touch on this issue at the 2011 Potomac Watershed Trash Summit when we discussed several different types of waste (residential and public space), how regional jurisdictions combat the issue, how communication could help, what new technologies might be needed, and potential pathways for a solution.

Odd Items
Guess what we found during the 2011 Potomac River Watershed Cleanup? In addition to the food related items, we also found tires, cigarette butts, shopping carts and sharps (needles, syringes). How do we address the prevalence of these odd and dangerous items in the watershed? At the 2011 Potomac Watershed Trash Summit, we had several presenters share their unique challenges and the solutions that will also help us identify ways that stakeholders can make a difference.