Trash Free Schools

What does it mean to be Trash Free?

Trash Free does not necessarily mean that no trash is produced. Being a Trash Free School means you have signed the Pledge and are actively working on reducing school waste in a long-lasting, sustainable manner.

The Trash Free Schools Project works to educate and empower students, faculty, and staff to reduce their school’s waste footprint by providing education and resources, including a comprehensive Guidebook, to aid in rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling. As part of the project, students and staff at K-12 schools will have the resources needed to investigate an environmental issue while implementing a strong waste reduction and litter prevention strategy.

According to the EPA, the average American throws away 4.43 pounds of trash each day, wasting valuable resources that could have been reused, recycled, or conserved. Disposable items, such as plastic bottles and food wrappers, are commonly littered, finding their way into our streets then into our waterways, where they threaten the health of our communities and our environment (read more here). Make a commitment to reducing waste through our Trash Free Schools project and begin addressing this important issue, one that everyone can play a role in solving.

How Can Your School Benefit?

  • Create an active and environmentally-aware school culture by increasing participation and engagement among the school body.
  • Foster environmental stewardship through student action by teaching the process of how to recognize, investigate, and take action on an environmental issue.
  • Gain recognition as an environmental leader among schools and establish a starting point for other “green” certification programs.
  • Integrate waste reduction and environmental themes into lessons and curricula.
  • Provide a great service learning opportunity for students.

Interested in having your school participate in this program? Learn how to get involved.

Present School Participants

  • Fairmont High School
  • High Point High School
  • Northwestern High School
  • Oxon Hill High School
  • Parkdale High School
  • Suitland High School
  • Gonzaga College High School
  • Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion
  • Davis Middle School
  • Ann Beers Elementary School
  • Center City Public School Capitol Hill Campus
  • Thomas Stone Elementary School