Contest Resources

Feel free to use the facts listed below in your video, and explore our website for more information about littering and about the Litter Prevention Campaign. You may find something that inspires you.

Reach out to your friends and families for help, or encourage them to participate. Get your schools and teachers, your community centers, your church groups, and more, involved.

What is the Regional Litter Prevention Campaign?

The Regional Litter Prevention Campaign is a collaborative effort between the Alice Ferguson Foundation and regional jurisdictions to raise public awareness and understanding of the existing trash issue; lead citizens to change their behavior; and ultimately to reduce the amount of litter reaching our waterways.



Why Should You Care about Litter?

As more litter accumulates in our neighborhoods and in our waterways, we need more engaged citizens to ensure that we have clean water, safe land, and healthy communities. Help us address this costly issue.

  • Trash and litter buildup is visually unappealing and attracts rats, mosquitos, and other pests that carry disease.
  • Trash is mobile. Litter buildup in streets travels to the Potomac River via storm drains contaminating the source of 80% of our region’s drinking water.
  • Studies show a correlation between crime and litter.1
  • The more litter there is, the higher the cost to the taxpayers to clean it .
  • Increased litter and illegal dumping can contribute to lower property values.