Why I Give

Dan Jackson and familyBy Dan Jackson, Alice Ferguson Foundation Board President

It is that time of year again when many people start to think about monetary donations to help reduce income tax liability. However, many of us also think about charitable donations, throughout the year. I am listing six reasons I choose to donate both money, and time, to AFF on a regular basis. In no particular order:

  1. I believe 100% in AFF’s mission

    To me, there is nothing better than supporting an organization that opens minds of all ages to nature’s tune on a 300-acre working farm. I am so proud to represent and serve an organization that advocates for environmental, agricultural, and cultural education, stewardship of resources, trash-free schools and businesses, and healthy waterways and woodlands.

  2. AFF has helped me build stronger bonds with family and friends

    Since my first affiliation with AFF in 2000, Hard Bargain Farm has been and continues to be a bonding place for me, especially with my sons. They were 10 and 8 when we first helped Eileen Watts milk Marmalade, feed the cattle, and pick eggs. Since then we’ve spent many days and nights at the Farm and have often been joined by friends and extended family who have also embraced how special the Farm is and have appreciated AFF’s work.

  3. My involvement with AFF has helped me develop and refine skills

    As one who takes a strong interest in sharpening the saw, I volunteer to hone existing skills and learn new ones. Volunteering and Board leadership is an opportunity for me to learn from individuals I may not meet otherwise, to find common bonds, and develop more business acumen as we dig deep into strategic and operational issues that guide the organization. What I gain is a greater understanding of common goals, a respect for others, and perspective.

  4. I follow a legacy of service by working with AFF

    My Mom and Dad have been volunteers for as long as I can remember in one form or another. At the moment, they’re heavily involved in several organizations including Montgomery Village Kiwanis and The Miracle League Montgomery County, MD. My sons are following – partially because it’s a highly worthy school requirement, but also because they see what we get out of the experiences. They started young and I expect they’ll continue to serve. I truly hope they’ll find the same level of satisfaction as I have found by working with AFF.

  5. I meet and work with amazing people through AFF

    It begins with AFF staff and leadership and extends to Board, volunteers, and community members. The folks affiliated with AFF are amazing and dedicated to the organization, Hard Bargain Farm, the area’s rich history, and preserving the awesome sense of place. This dedication and caliber of people inspires me to continue my affiliation with AFF.

  6. My efforts through AFF are sincerely appreciated

    From the time I first signed-up as a volunteer stream clean-up leader to serving in my current role as Board President, I’ve always felt that my contributions have been welcomed and valued no matter the amount of time I’ve given, the big or small ideas shared, or the amount of money I’ve contributed. This has not always been the case with other organizations for which I’ve served. I believe this treatment is a testament to AFF’s greatness.

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