Wiggling Worms

Last week, I had the pleasure of introducing 3rd and 4th graders at Gale-Bailey Elementary School to my pet worms. The lesson was a combination of the “Wiggling Worms” lesson in More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons published by NSTA (my new favorite book of the year, by the way!), our HBF lesson on vermiculture, and my own ideas about how to incorporate an outdoor element into this lesson. First, the students listened to the wonderful Diary of a Worm. Then, students completed a table from MPPSL to think about what they already know about worms and their questions about worms. Next, students went outside to dig for worms (we didn’t find any!!). We had a conversation about how worms native to this area burrow deeper underground as it gets colder to stay warm (adaptations!). Then, I introduced students to some red wigglers I brought from home. They made observations on these worms using a form from MPPSL to guide them. Finally, we talked about what kind of environment these red wigglers would need to survive in their classroom in a worm bin, and what kind of food they would need to feed them. It was tons of fun!! Look for a copy of the lesson plan on this blog.

Digging in the soil – it sure was hard!

Why can’t we find any worms?

We can feel the worms’ bristles!

Using tools for closer observation of our worms

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